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Venetia Valley

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    Dear 8Th Grade families,

    Congratulations to our VV fabulous students for their many accomplishments as they move on to high school. 

    As you all know these are very difficult times in the history of our nation and the world.  Your dedication and perseverance has made your promotion ever so very special.  

    We apologize for the delay in bringing the VV 8Th Grade Promotion video to you but are excited to finally have you view your virtual promotion.

    In addition, we have made a commemorative flash drive for keeping that will be mailed to your home in the near future.

    Finally, a Spanish version of the video will be completed and posted on the website soon.

    Once again, congratulations to the Fabulous VV Class of 2020!

    fundraiser for the seligman family

    Dear Community Members,

    Thank you for coming out in support of Venetia Valley's beloved former teacher John Seligman to help him mitigate the hardship and challenge of the debilitating illness that recently overcame his dear wife Ana. John was able to come to see and appreciate the outpouring of love from all quarters of our school, community and district, including generations of Venetia Valley students, families and staff. It was amazing to behold and a testament to the power of love. Thanks to your generosity, we will soon present the Seligman Family with a check for $4,000.

    Best wishes to you and your families. You are loved too.

    Sincerely, The Staff of Venetia Valley School


    Estimados miembros de la comunidad,

    Gracias por venir en apoyo de el amado ex maestro de Venetia Valley, John Seligman, para ayudarle a mitigar las dificultades y el desafío de la enfermedad debilitante que recientemente venció a su querida esposa Ana. John tuvo la placer de convivir y apreciar la efusión de amor de todos los barrios de nuestra escuela, comunidad y distrito, incluyendo generaciones de estudiantes, familias y personal de Venetia Valley. Fue increíble contemplar y es un testimonio del poder del amor. Gracias a su generosidad, pronto presentaremos a la Familia Seligman con un cheque de $4,000.

    Mis mejores deseos para ustedes y sus familias. Tú también eres amado.

    Sinceramente, el personal de Venetia Valley

    StudentsOn June 9th, five VV 3rd-7th graders, two VV teachers, and one VV parent ran the majestic and challenging Dipsea Trail race - immersing themselves in the competitive running community of Marin. We congratulate them on their strategic training and execution and for competing with joy and heart. 

    SteamIn a competitive field with DMS, Marin Country Day and Mark Day students, ALL FIVE Venetia Valley projects won ribbons recognizing our students' creativity, grasp of complex interdisciplinary concepts and dedication to STEAM studies and their specific, diverse, self-selected, areas of inquiry.  Topics included:

    • CO2 Reduction (Second Year)-  1st place Best of Show, among class entries
    • ESP Studies- Precognition and Telepathy- 2nd place
    • Alternate Sources of Energy- 2nd place
    • Paranormal Investigation- Ghosts- 3rd place
    • Robotics- 3rd place

    Students thought out-of-the-box, continuously demonstrating passion, grit and perseverance, especially as the Fair date approached.  They rose to the challenge of busy schedules, managed their time like professionals and look forward to continuing their investigations.  Venetia Valley is proud our students and our capacity to offer significant learning experiences, motivated by student interests and experiences.  STEAM studies are highly relevant in today's world and have the potential for breakthrough results.  Special thanks to Community Member Fred Fielding for generously giving of his time and expertise as a resource to facilitate our students' academic growth. 


    Gold Ribbon

    Juan Rodriguez, Principal

    Rey Mayoral and Ruth Reynolds, Interim Assistant Principals

    Maricarmen Pulido, Office Manager

    177 North San Pedro Road
    San Rafael, California 94903

    415.492.3162 - Attendance
    415.492.3160 - Fax

    I Can

    School Standards: 

    • Show respect
    • Make good decisions
    • Solve problems

    School Creed:

    • Be professional      
    • Achieve my goals 
    • Contribute to my community of learners

    School Tours

    School tours for both Elementary and Middle School will be offered. Tours are from 8:30 - 9:30 am. Please check in at the main office. If you have any questions regarding tours, please call the main office at (415) 492-3150.

    November 15th (TK & Kinder Only)

    December 13th (TK & Kinder Only)

    January 24th

    *Kinder Registration will be January 22 from 2PM - 6PM


    About our District

    San Rafael City Schools Mission: Lifting student achievement. Every student, every day. 

    SRCSThe SRCS community ensures that every student receives an empowering education. High expectations and skillful individualized instruction enable each student to embrace their own learning, think critically and experience success. Our welcoming school climate ensures that our diverse community of students, families, staff and community members are treated with dignity and respect, creating opportunities for participation, engagement and support. 

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