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Supplies Needed



Thank you for your initiative in seeking out information to support your child with a new grade level.  As part of your Back-to-School shopping, please consider the purchase of the following supplies [located in the locker] to support our common goals for your child's academic growth and well being.


Thank you for partnering with us.


Juan Rodriguez


Venetia Valley School - an I CAN University

David Schmitz Locker

David Schmitz

My Life So Far

I am a late in life teacher and I wonder what took me so long. It is my pleasure and honor to work with your children. I am married and I have two daughters. I worked in finance for twenty years before switching to this challenging sector. I live in San Anselmo, but I am a lifelong Oaklander! I am a UC Davis grad. I love coaching sports and running on trails. Prestige televised dramas in this current golden age are certainly my weakness.