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Deep Earth Timeline:


G.M.O. Information

History Of Life On Earth Project Links:

Tiffany Avalos

Notes:  while at home log onto google classroom to access learning:  
To Be Successful In Science:

Please bring the following with you every day to class:

  • Your binder with a science section--including all the current organized work behind T.O.C.'s
  • 2 or more pencils w/ erasers. One must not be mechanical. 
  • Your Interactive Reader
  • At least 10 pieces of blank binder paper (no spiral notebooks, please.)
  • A good attitude.

At home, you will need:

  • A quiet place to study
  • A dedicated time to do your homework each night
  • The numbers/emails of at least 2 students in class (in case you have questions)
  • A ruler with centimeters
  • A simple calculator
  • Scissors
  • Basic art supplies (markers, colored pencils, paper)
General Classroom Expectations:

-Show RESPECT for EVERY PERSON in the room.  This REQUIRES students:

  • follow directions the FIRST TIME
  • contribute to an environment in which ALL students can LEARN
  • use school property properly and ONLY as           instructed

-Be in your seat copying the homework into your agenda BEFORE the tardy bell rings

-Have ALL materials with you EVERY day (please see list below).
-All school rules will be followed before, during, and after school.



Discovery Channel News

Science Daily

Science News for Kids

Microscopy (the world of the very small)
Nikon's Small World Contest -- A Gallery of beautiful tiny things
Microscopy-UK gallery -- Gallery of pictures of the very small
Micopolitan Museum - Microscope Art forms
Exploratorium Microscope imaging station


  • Boxes of Tissue!!!
  • Method All Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Pencils!!!
  • Pink Color Copier Paper
  • #2 Pencils
  • small hand vacuum

Project Supplies:

  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towell Rolls
  • Film Canisters