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Ms. Pinson Locker
11/6/17 8:18 AM
11/6/17 7:46 PM
English 7

Ms. Pinson

A little about Ms. Pinson

Hello and welcome to 6th and 7th grade English! I am Ms Pinson and I am teaching at Venetia Valley for the fourth year. I love working at Venetia Valley as we build community and foster a love for reading. I graduated from San Francisco State with my degree in Health Education and I am getting my master's currently at Dominican University. I am from Sonoma County and currently live in the East Bay; however, Marin County has a special place in my heart as my parents grew up in the community.


This year in English, we are answering two essential questions. In 6th grade: we are answering the question: Whose responsibility is it to protect oppressed communities? In 7th grade, we are answering the question: How are identities and perspectives influenced by experiences and relationships? We will be reading many texts about powerful women and men, people of different cultures and economic backgrounds, and writing every day!




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Room Number: 66


Phone: (415) 492-3150 x 166

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