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Mr. Dumbra

Welcome to Mr. Dumbra's Website!

Hi! I teach science to all the sixth graders and two classes of seventh graders.  This is my third year at Venetia Valley, and I love teaching here!  Before I came to VV, I taught at La Entrada School in Menlo Park for 14 years (English, social studies, Latin, and science).  Go Falcons!

Sixth Grade Science Units

1. Safety and Measurement

2. Heat and Energy

3. Atmosphere and Weather

4. Climate Change

5. Cells

6. Body Systems

7. Plant Reproduction

Seventh Grade Science Units

1. Lab Safety

2. States of Matter

3. Atoms and Molecules

4. Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

5. Cell Energy

5. Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

6. Plate Tectonics

7. Ecosystems and Biomes

8. Natural Resources

Science Resources and Other Links

EPA: A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change: A good place to start learning about climate change.

Science News for Students: You can use this student-friendly website for your monthly extra credit!

Newsela: Another student-friendly website for monthly extra credit.

NCES Kids' Zone: Make graphs, charts, and more!


Old or extra lab coats for students

Boxes of tissues

Manual pencil sharpeners

Old cell phones (for a lesson on mineral resources)